Utilities & Services

The following utilities and services are provided to our community. All utilities are included in the monthly condominium assessment. You do not need to contact any of the utility vendors other than a vendor for your TV, internet and phone service. 

Trash Collection 

ESI (EnviroSolutions) empties the dumpsters and recycling bins on the following schedule:

3 times per week on Mon/Wed/Fri

RECYCLE (Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, Cardboard)
2 times per week on Tues/Fri
(recycle bin located at each trash dumpster)
This is a single stream recycling

Bulk Pick Up
1 time per week on Tue
(for items too large for trash dumpster)

Please keep the grounds clean by closing the dumpster doors and lids after placing your trash inside. This keep strong winds away from loose bags and debris and avoids letting rain water inside. All trash must be deposited inside the dumpster. Bulk items such as furniture can be left outside the container. However you should avoid placing bulk items in front of the dumpster because the waste disposal trucks back up to them and cannot properly lift them with items in the way. You cannot store trash bags on your patio or balcony.

There is a bin near the south east corner of Foxcroft property (at Old Pickett and Picket Roads) for newspaper and cardboard recyclables. And there are rolling bins near each trash dumpster for all recyclables. You can also recycle cardboard, mixed paper, and batteries at the City of Fairfax Property Yard on Picket Road.

Hazardous waste must be taken to the County's Ox Road facility.

Water and Sewer 

Water service is provided to our landscaping and outdoor common areas to keep them thriving and to our clubhouse and pool to keep them fully operational.


We provide electricity for amenities such as our clubhouse, pool and tennis courts so that they’re always ready for our homeowners to enjoy.

Internet, Telephone & Cable

Several providers in our area offer a variety of options for reliable, high-speed internet, telephone and cable services. We encourage you to evaluate each of these options to find the service that’s right for you.